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Der Simulierte Mensch

The research complex „Der Simulierte Mensch“ (Si-M in short and translating into „The Simulated Human“) was applied for by the Technische Universität Berlin and the Charité Universitätsmedizin.

The initiators of Si-M are Roland Lauster, Head of Medical Biotechnology at Technische Universität Berlin and Andreas Thiel, Head of the workgroup Regenerative Immunology and Ageing at the Charité.

In the new research complex, for which a new location is to be built, researchers of both institutions will simulate the functions of human cells and tissues with new technologies such as 3D cultivation, multi-organ-chips and 3D bioprintings. In contrary to all other cooperative projects, the models will be designed with the researchers working side by side and within the same laboratory surroundings. Thus, the organ modelling and technological developments can be effectively adjusted and optimized.

Only with the combined ressources of both institutions the unique research program located at the intersections of engineering and medical science can be realized.

The architecture of the planned building is supposed to reflect the three main fields of expertise: „subcellular level", "cell" and "tissues and organs". The laboratory blocks will be open to all researchers working within the new building. In this regard, there will be no divide visible between the two operating institutions, equally supporting the research with 50% of the overall finances each. A major part of the new building will be subjected to the topic of „communication“ to favour stable brigdes between the different types of research cultures and in order to find a common language.

With an investment of 34 million Euro, the new building is to be located at „Seestr. 13“. It is to be finished by 2023. The building site sits right next to the Campus Virchoklinikum Charité and birthplace of Biotechnology at Technische Universität Berlin. The Robert Koch Institute as well as the Berlin Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT) Charité are likewise closeby neighbours.


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